celeste, please run away with me.


celeste: ross just came into my starbucks.
celeste: i was like
celeste: ....!!!!!!!!!!
celeste: ADS;LASDF
tasha: i think i sometimes actually make the noise of that pronounced phoenetically.
celeste: it sounds like an animal grunt.
tasha: yeah, i tend to do that.


tasha: ...how amazing would that be? if we counseled together?
tasha: i think we'd make the camp explode with our combined awesomeness.
tasha: wait, we've totally had this conversation before.
celeste: i want to fucking DORM COUNSEL though.
tasha: oh that's right you're my age.
tasha: you seem so old
tasha: oldy old old.
celeste: i used to think you were older than me.
celeste: because you're so...
celeste: tasha
tasha: best adjective ever.
celeste: i believe the actual word is ummm mature.
celeste: i like tasha better
celeste: mature sounds like a disease.
tasha: i don't want to grow up!
tasha: i might get...mature
tasha: ewwwwww.
celeste: let's just run away to neverland
celeste: but the neverland from Hook
celeste: because it's the most badass neverland EVER.
tasha: HELL YES.
tasha: speaking of badass
tasha: i have bright yellow music suspenders.


celeste: ....aaaaaaand now you're speechless.
tasha: i'm always speechless in your pseudy-presence.
tasha: pseudo*
celeste: PSEUDY
celeste: AHAHA
celeste: that's a keepy
celeste: ......
celeste: crap.


tasha: i havent eaten anything yet today.
tasha: except i stole some of my roommate's popcorn.
celeste: you're not starving yourself again are you?
celeste: tasha i've talked to you about this.
celeste: i LIKE my women with meat on their bones.
tasha: oh honey don't worry, i'm just lazy and there's no food in my room.
tasha: if i had food in here you better believe i'd be going to TOWN.
celeste: heh...nutella...and pita...aaannddddd
celeste: ummmmm
celeste: what else is delicious?
tasha: you are.
celeste: i meant that you could buy.
tasha: .....
celeste: in a grocery store that is.


tasha: celeste, you are amazing.
tasha: run away with me:
celeste: to australia?
tasha: sure.
tasha: can we have a pet wallaby?
celeste: why not a kangaroo?
celeste: i mean, did you ask the wallabies if they'd mind being a pet?
celeste: cuz i know the kangaroos are cool with it.
celeste: (we chat).
celeste: so only if it's okay with the wallabies can we have one.


celeste: well if we have a wallaby we'll need an endless supply of nutella
celeste: or food/groceries
tasha: groceries?
celeste: yeah.
tasha: by groceries you mean sex, right?
celeste: of course.
I love you.
And until the end of Time.
Kittens purr.